Biblical Theology

The Focused Study of God's Word

  • Biblical Theology is the focused study of scripture itself.

  • Biblical Theology studies individual words, passages, books, authors, and corpuses of the Bible in their appropriate contexts. This is known as exegesis.

  • Biblical Theology usually entails knowledge of the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek), and the historical & cultural background of the authors.

  • Biblical Theology often includes the study of the ancient extant manuscripts (i.e. text criticism).

  • Biblical Theology is focused on understanding the original intent of an author of a biblical book before putting that author's inspired meaning into a larger system of Theology.

  • Biblical Theology emphasizes the parts of the Bible first, before seeing how they relate to Church doctrines.

  • Typical Biblical Theology questions are: “What did John mean when he recorded Jesus saying that the Father would remove any branch in Him that doesn’t bear fruit in John 15:2?” or “How does Paul use the word “σαρκος” (flesh) in his Epistles?”


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