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Welcome To Our New Instructors!

Welcome Jeff!

Jeff Lee and Doug Lindquist will be joining New Hope Academy this October to teach classes in Theological Research & Writing and Spiritual Formation respectively. Jeff and Doug are men dedicated to the work of the Lord Jesus and His Church, and are ready to train and equip the Body of Christ in these vital ministry skills.

Jeff's class will focus on how we as Christ followers can become better adult learners, increasing our capacity to engage with the Word of God, and the teachings of the Church.

Doug will lead us into a serious study of how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of His church and individual believers, and how we can be faithful ambassadors of Christ, living "in the Kingdom" of God right here, right now.

Please come out and join us in October for these empowering classes.

Welcome Doug!

in Christ, Anthony Costello

Director, New Hope Academy

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