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New Class on Understanding Faith and Science Starting Soon!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Friend or Foe: How Does Modern Science Relate to Faith in Christ?

Jim Johansen, see Bio below, has studied the intersection of Christian Faith and Modern Science for over a decade and is ready to show that there is no reason for Christians to see science as an enemy of faith. Instead, believers in Jesus, and the Bible as the infallible Word of God, can and should embrace science as a friend!

However, there are philosophical approaches to science that Christians must be aware of, and examine with a critical eye. Jim will help us navigate complex issues like: the origins of the universe, Evolution and Intelligent Design, the historical Adam, the Fall, the Flood, and much more. In this great new class starting October 5th at the New Hope Academy you will get equipped to defend the Gospel while learning about good science. Sign up either on-line by e-mail, or at church on Sunday at The Church of New Hope in Norwalk, CA.

Jim Johansen has a MS in electrical engineering from USC, two MA degrees from Biola in Science and Religion, and Christian Apologetics, and a PhD in Theology and Apologetics from Liberty University.

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