Church History

The Story of God's People

  • Church History is the study of the growth and expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth in its various cultural and temporal forms

  • There is more to both the word “church” and “history” than meets the eye though—it is not just about dates and places. Church historians seeks to understand the inheritance of the faith that has been passed down to us, both the good and the bad parts of it.

  • Church History includes the history of the three great theological traditions: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant, and the study of their common roots in the early creeds of the church.

  • Church History also includes the history of the church in Africa, in the Middle East, Asia, and Central and South America.

  • Church History recounts the stories of missions, missionaries, and the great men and women of the church, especially the martyrs of the faith.

  • Church historians seek to describe and analyze the major movements in the Church’s intellectual and spiritual life that gave rise to new theological paradigms and approaches to culture.

  • Typical questions that Church Historians ask are: “What kinds of philosophical problems were theologians wrestling with at the dawn of the Reformation?” or “What political, social, and economic factors allowed the Bible to spread so quickly through Europe in the 16th century?”


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