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Systematic Theology

The Doctrines of God's Church

  • Systematic Theology addresses fundamental questions about the nature of reality and revelation and tries to develop a consistent and coherent view of what the Creation and the Bible say about God's world and His work in it.

  • It addresses several loci, or areas of knowledge: God, Creation, Humankind, Sin, Christ, Salvation, the Church, Angels & Demons, End Times, etc.

  • It utilizes critical thinking and logic to systematize our thoughts and clarify the Christian message.

  • It interfaces with several other domains of human knowledge, like natural science, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, etc.

  • Church doctrines emerge from theological reflection on the biblical text, guiding us in our daily life of faith.

  • Typical questions that Systematic Theology asks are: “How can Jesus be both fully God and fully man at the same time?” or “How is God three persons in one substance?”